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This here is an answer to settheworld-onfire-forhim on Tumblr, and is here on my Dreamwidth for future reference. It is a super basic explanation of Calvinism, a theological belief system within Protestant Christianity. For those of my followers who don't already know, yes, I'm a very committed Christian and Calvinist. (If anybody out there sees this and has a problem, please feel free to take it up with me.)

This post is mostly meant for those who are already part of God's family in Christ, as this is can be a topic of debate between some Christians, so please excuse a little bit of family business coming out into the open. It is not the kind of theology I would throw at someone who doesn't know a lot about Christianity. Like I said, not all of us agree about this, and there are more important things to cover first.

Calvinism is famous for its main five points set up by John Calvin so long ago, often referred to as TULIP. Total depravity, Unconditional election, Limited atonement, Irresistible grace, Preservation of the saints.

Total depravity means... )
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Hello, all! My first post here at Dreamwidth, glad to be here, etc. etc. I decided I won't crosspost everything to my LiveJournal and vice versa, just a few fandom related things, probably. And memes. I love memes everywhere.

So, I'm making a new introduction post for here!

Everything I could think of that matters. )


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