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Title: Good lord, there are certainly a lot of these titled Jack Frost meets someone, well, here, have another.
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Characters: Jamie, Jack Frost
Rating: G
Word Count: 1271

Jamie had known he was especially different from a very young age. He hid it as much as he could, ever since he tried to convince his parents about the glowing golden figures that danced over his best friend’s head while he slept. (That conversation hadn’t gone well.)

But contrary to his parents’ wishes, he didn’t stop seeing things all around him. He merely stopped talking about them. He watched the giant dinosaurs and machines of sand, knowing the Sandman was sending them. He had seen little colourful fairies sneak under his pillow once or twice, taking the teeth away and leaving something behind. He’d even seen a glimpse of Santa Claus one Christmas Eve, although his classmate Bobby claimed he also saw him that night, so he was a little doubtful.

Jamie lived and breathed a childhood steeped in the supernatural. So when his window started frosting up in the middle of March, when everything else was melting away, Jamie didn’t think anything of it. However, he did take notice when he looked through the frosted window and saw the face of a boy only a few years older than himself.

“Whoa!” He leaped back from the window, and the face abruptly disappeared. Jamie immediately felt bad, and he ran over to look out over the street, but he didn’t see anyone. “Huh.”

It was an encounter of less than ten seconds, but it stuck in Jamie’s mind for days and days afterward. He chalked it up to yet another being he would see the works of in his life. It didn’t take on any special significance for him until early April when his father almost died.

“It was the strangest thing,” his father exclaimed, safely at home with not even a scratch on him. “I was just going to grab a quick coffee after work, but on my way back to the car, someone throws a snowball at the back of my head!” Jamie’s eyes widened, thinking of the window frost, but his dad nodded and took it as part of the story. “I know, it’s April! There’s no snow left, right? Anyway, I was so shocked in the moment, looking around for the kid who did it, when some apartment movers right above me accidentally dropped an entire hardwood desk on the car! Smashed the frame in completely.” He quieted for a second. “The car’s getting written off, so that’s good for the bank account, but - if I hadn’t stopped right there, I would’ve - well, best not to think too hard about it.” His mom grasped his hand fiercely; it looked to Jamie like the hand-holding hurt but neither of them complained.

Jamie stuck by his dad’s side for the rest of the night, wanting reassurance of his continued survival. When it was time for bed (it was a school night, after all), Jamie ran up the stairs to his room, closed the door behind him, and flung the window open.

“Hello?” he called as loudly as he dared. “I know you’re there! I know you’ve been hanging around us!”

He strained his eyes in the darkness, looking for anything out of the ordinary, but there was nothing. A normal inner-city street just after duskfall. Cars driving, people walking. Jamie sighed and pulled his head back in.

“Whatever,” he muttered to himself.

He climbed into bed, pulling the covers over, and flopped down. Stupid snow guy could be standoffish all he liked, Jamie decided he didn’t care. Really. He huffed, and turned onto his side, trying to make himself believe it.

He had almost drifted off, the image of the face in the window almost pushed to the back of his mind, when it happened. Something shifted in the room, making no more sound than a whisper; Jamie’s eyes shot open. He blinked once, twice, thrice to clear his eyes, but there was nothing he could see.

“H-hello?” he murmured.

Slowly, something raised up from the desk. No, behind the desk, there was just a shadow. Jamie swung his legs out of the bed, and went to investigate. He slowed when the thing seemed to twist, and suddenly Jamie felt like it was looking right through him. Against all reason, Jamie was utterly terrified. His chest was gripped in a cold vice, and he gasped to breathe. “Whuh-whuh-wh - ” he couldn't get any words out. His hands started shaking, and a cool sweat broke out all down his back.

A low moan resounded throughout his room, never-ending, and Jamie realized he was the one making the noise.

The windowpanes rattled, and Jamie realized he never did close the window. A cold wind rushed in, shocking Jamie into being able to move. He stumbled backwards onto his bed, away from the thing on his desk. It had let Jamie out of its thrall the second the wind swept in.

The boy he saw before landed soundlessly on his bedroom floor and with one sweep of his stick, the shadow disintegrated with a shrill wail. Jamie flinched and looked towards his door, but no one came bursting through.

So he looked at the boy still standing in the middle of his room, facing towards the open window.

“Hello?” Jamie asked. “What's - ” He swallowed to try and get past his dry throat. “What's your name?”

The boy didn't move for a moment, giving Jamie time to calm down and really look at him. White hair, blue sweater, ragged brown pants, and bare feet. It was hard to tell with almost no light in the room, but Jamie thought his skin was even bone white.

“And - thanks for saving me from that thing. Whatever it was,” Jamie said, trying to hint.

The boy turned, and Jamie re-evaluated. He looked older than Jamie thought he was initially, more like fourteen, possibly even sixteen. “Jack Frost.”

“Great!” said Jamie, bursting into a grin, ignoring his inner monologue which was giddily screaming that a real figure of legend was in his room and talking to him. “I’m Jamie!” He went over and held out his hand for Jack Frost to shake.

Jack Frost slowly shook it, in a way that Jamie thought was either aloof or unsure. His hand was cool, but not cold, like when you were reaching for something in the fridge. “I know.” He peered at Jamie, naked interested on his face. “Are you... usually able to see things?”

“Things like you? All the time!” Jamie exclaimed. “But this is the first time I’ve ever talked with someone - so what was that thing, Mr. Frost?” Jamie asked. “Do you fight them very often?”

Jack Frost shook his head. “Just - just Jack is fine. You don’t need to worry about those things, okay?” He backed away, getting closer to the window.

Jamie recognized an attempt at escape when he saw one. “How can I know that?” he asked, desperate to keep Jack around. “I couldn’t do anything against it...”

“Because I’ll keep an eye on you,” promised Jack. “Alright, Jamie?”

Jamie fought to keep the disappointment off of his face. “Will - will we ever talk again? Could you?”

Jack didn’t say anything for a moment, looking back and forth between the window and a spot of Jamie’s carpet.

“Sure,” he said eventually, then caught Jamie’s eye with a growing smirk. “Why not?”

Jamie’s sigh of relief escaped in a whoosh, but Jack was already vanished. With a muted cheer, Jamie threw himself back into bed, grinning so widely it hurt.

It took him a long, long time to fall asleep that night.


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