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Title: A mishmash of book and movie canon where these two presumably get to interact.
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Characters: Jack Frost, Nightlight
Rating: PG
Word Count: 714

Jack scowled, swiping his staff against the ground. “Who does he think he is?” he growled. “Like, he actually has any right to tell me to do anything. Ordering me around!”

The boy sitting opposite of him, softly glowing, shrugged.

“He tells me I can help,” said Jack, “then decides he doesn’t trust me! So, what, he locks me up?”

Rather than interact with the other boy, Jack paced back and forth, becoming gradually more upset.

“And he doesn’t even have the courtesy - no, the common decency - to explain why he suddenly changed his mind! Is the enemy suddenly not such a big deal anymore? Or, or maybe Pitch never actually escaped and it was all just a plan to keep me under control? What?!” spat Jack.

No answer.

Unbidden, another question rose into his mind, but what if I did something terribly wrong but he quashed it. No.

“And you,” said Jack, turning to face Nightlight. “You’re just everyone’s favourite, aren’t you? Everybody loves Nightlight, he can do no wrong, he held Pitch for a zillion years, he can kill Fearlings like nothing we’ve ever seen, he’s just so amazing.” Sarcasm dripped like acid rain. He made a frustrated noise and flopped down on the side of the magically-sealed room the farthest he could from Nightlight. “And you can’t even talk.”

Nightlight, who’d been watching him from his seat the entire time, shook his head in a manner as to suggest that yes, he could talk.

“Then why don’t you?” asked Jack. “Huh? What’s your problem? Are we just not good enough to converse with?”

Nightlight raised his hands, then extended them out to Jack pleadingly. It had the overall effect of turning the question back on Jack, as well as making him feel somewhat guilty. A little guilty. Maybe.

“Hey, there’s no problem with me,” snorted Jack.”I just - did I do something? Is this about that one Yeti? Because him getting lost in the Frozen Lake Labyrinth was almost entirely not my fault.”

Nightlight shook his head.

“Oh, so it wasn’t anything I did - ” Jack paused, squinting at Nightlight. “You’re in on this. You’re in here to guard me, make sure I don’t get out and interfere with whatever they’re out there doing.”

Nightlight just looked back straight, unimpressed and yet sympathetic.

Jack paused. “...No? No. I guess... that’s not it, then.” He quickly soured again, refusing to be mollified. “Then why bring me here at all? If Santa was so interested in my help, why am I here and not out there with them?” He huffed and dropped his head onto his knees, finally with nothing more to say.

A few minutes passed quietly. There was a whisper of movement, and Jack looked up from his spot on the floor to see Nightlight walking towards him. The glowing boy knelt down in front of Jack, and held out his right hand.

Jack frowned in confusion. “What, you wanna dance? I’ll tell you right now, it won’t happen.”

Nightlight rolled his eyes, smiling amusedly, then grasped Jack’s closest hand firmly.

It burned. “Ouch, hey!” Jack tried to pull away, but the other’s grip was too tight. “Nightlight, that hurts, get off!”

Nightlight held a finger up to his lips, then pointed at their joined hands. Watch.

Looking down at where Nightlight’s skin met his, Jack flinched when shadows oozed out of the point of contact, fizzling into nothing when Nightlight’s glow caught them. Gradually, the sharp pain of Nightlight’s hand dissolved along with the Fearlings until there was nothing but the warmth of his hand. Nightlight let go, and sighed with satisfaction. The sound was like chimes.

“I was infected,” said Jack in realization. He felt good. Very good. He turned his hand over to see no visible marks. No longer angry or upset or even the least bit tired. He was newly energized, like a years-old ache had suddenly disappeared. “That’s - thanks. I guess.”

Nightlight grinned, then walked over to the door to gently knock it open. He gestured to the open doorway invitingly.

“Aw, heck yeah!” crowed Jack, leaping to his feet. “Let’s go knock some heads!”

Nightlight laughed, and the sound of it filled the air with a beautiful, humming energy. Let’s go.


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