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This post brought to you by the letter C and the letter H!

Ie., [personal profile] mcalhen and [personal profile] teapots

(Ethan) Hunt, from Mission: Impossible - So I have actually seen all the Mission: Impossible movies, and I'm not sure it's possible to separate this character from Tom Cruise. The first one came out when I was five years old (!) and I only just saw the whole thing in its entirety a couple weeks ago. (Sidenote, when Tom Cruise was younger, he had shiny, shiny eyes that made him look really super vulnerable.) If you can't get past the Tom Cruise-crazy, then Ethan Hunt won't be an involving character for you. That said, I really do like him. He was sympathetic from the first minute, and I wanted him to succeed. Throughout the movies, he's treated with varying levels of seriousness, and like most everyone I know, the third is probably the best one that deals with him on an actual emotional level. It's satisfying on an emotional level watching him willing to trade his awesome spy life for Julia and his reactions when she's dragged into things. I also adore him in Ghost Protocol, because that was fantastic.

Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon - Is there actually anyone who didn't identify with Hiccup about something? He was the perfect kind of hero, one who was himself even when it was the hardest thing in the world. He tried to understand someone who was fundamentally different from him, and succeeded at reconciling two bitter enemies. His dorkiness and stumbling over words really gets me, haha, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit those are things I wish I had a little more of. He was insecure at the beginning, but it translated into a charm I find irresistible; I could never not have been his friend. Plus, riding a dragon is cool as shit.

Harry Potter, from Harry Potter - I honestly have no idea what to say about Harry. I grew up with him. To me, he feels more like a real person than a character. Everyone loves the orphan story. He grows up, becomes a good man, finds a family for himself, fights for things like good and friendship and love. This guy and his friends has generated more fanfic than I've seen in any other fandom. Harry had real character. I loved that he was ashamed when he saw that his father was a bully. I loved that he jumped into things without looking, although it also made me scream. I loved how much he loved Ron and Hermione. Rockin'.

Hope Estheim, from Final Fantasy XIII - Hahaha, this kiiiiid. I like him, I promise, but for the first eight chapters (or whatever), I could not stop rolling my eyes. I got genuinely pissed off because it's obvious to me that Nora chose her own way, and it's not Snow's fault she died. The fact that he made Snow take responsibility makes me hurt. In my stomach. I had to repeat my mantra of "he's fourteen, it's okay, he's fourteen, it's okay" until it went away. When Hope and Snow finally reconcile and Hope mentions that he really did understand he couldn't blame Snow for things, it was just he needed to hold onto something until the pain was manageable, then my anger completely dissolved and I wanted to give him a hug. Seriously, this kid had so much growing up to do, and we got to watch him go from child to adult. He was as much an equal with the rest of them, and age had nothing to do with it. Respect~

Holly Short, from Artemis Fowl - Anyone who hasn't read the Artemis Fowl books doesn't know what they're missing. It's a child genius meets heist flick meets supernatural buddy cop show. Holly Short is a LEPrecon, and is the aforementioned supernatural cop. I love her to bits. She's the second main character, right after Artemis Fowl himself, and she's fantastic. She's tough, she's got a real personality, and she makes a great foil for Artemis and vice versa. Her deep heart draws out Artemis' compassion, makes him do things he thought he was so above... Holly is the proof that Artemis is a good person. I also ship Artemis/Holly please stop looking at me like that

And the C characters!

Colette Brunel, from Tales of Symphonia - This chick is great. I know some people get annoyed at her because she's the super dumb ditz, but I love her to bits. She's so genuine, so happy, so giving. She has ridiculous amounts of virtue that she doesn't compromise on. She feels extreme shame and guilt for each and every failure, even counting the desire to live when her mission calls for her death. Colette takes what people say at face value, and while that can make for some silly moments, it expresses a beautiful faith in others that you don't see in real life. I also have a weakness for the martyr types, and she definitely fits. She's quite broken in her own way, with an almost pathological tendency to put others before herself no matter what it costs her.

Charlie, from Dead Like Me - Ah, a minor, obscure character from a minor, obscure show. Charlie was killed when he was around nine or ten years old, and like all children who become reapers, he reaps pets. Helped by the fact that Charlie is absolutely adorable, the idea of this kid (who is now technically like seventeen years old but still in his ten-year old body) living by himself on the streets, trying to get by while he does his job by reaping pets and not fitting in really anywhere... Man, it almost hurt. I have younger brothers, so maybe that's why I was yelling at George to offer a place to stay or something. He's still basically a child, man. His presence helped develop the idea of reaper culture, that there are different departments and types of reapers, things that the undead do. Looove it.

Cassie, from Animorphs - Hm. I'm gonna be up front and say I have problems with Cassie. I think it's totally great that she's the only one in the group who manages to keep a hold of compassion and morals throughout probably the entire series. Sometimes I'm yelling at everyone else to listen to her... And sometimes I'm yelling at her because I think she says some dumb things. When I have a problem with Cassie is when she talks like she has the moral high ground, and it gets my hackles up because it sounds condescending and pretentious. And I don't mean like, "oh, she bugs me sometimes", I mean like I'm boiling in my own fury at her. I have been close to throwing some of the books across the room because I can't have an actual argument with a fictional character. I can't think of specific examples of the top of my head, but it would usually have to do with her trying to make the others in the group feel guilty for some really random morphing ethics question. Maybe it's because my ideas of how souls work and what constitutes an infringement on human and animal rights are really, really different from Cassie's, but yeah. Hurgh.

Chuck, from Chuck - I can't even tell you how much I adore Chuck. He's pretty much the most perfect audience proxy ever. I never feel like I'm overshadowed by Chuck's accomplishments, in the ways he surpasses me. Chuck is the kind of hero that makes me feel like I can actually do things. Watching him struggle, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding... Man, I feel like I'm there. I've never known a moment when I wasn't all-out cheering for him. Him being a nerd who starts doing real good for the world, at the sacrifice of fame, money, etc. is great. He's the kinda guy I wanna be. I'm so sad the show is almost over. We hardly knew ye, Chuck.

Castiel, from Supernatural - I'm going to be honest. I haven't actually seen a full episode of Supernatural with Castiel in it. Okay, that's not true, but not one where he was central to the plot of the episode. I've seen a crap-ton of clips on Youtube with Castiel in them. Maybe enough to actually get what he's all about, maybe not. Barring all the problems I have with Supernatural's really stupid theological ideas (I realize it's a show and it's allowed to say what it likes about spirituality), I do like the idea of Castiel in the sense that he makes a good story. Not fantastic with the theology. I think Castiel is a great, great character. The dry innocence, the way he's trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the universe... There's so much deep emotion associated with his character, and I really like that. He can be funny, he can be intense, and Misha Collins nails every scene I've seen him in. The whole "I'm looking for God, oh he doesn't exist, so I'm gonna be God now" on the other hand... Urgh.

Okay, I'm somewhere in the middle of season 4 of Supernatural, so I'm getting there with Castiel, alright? I'm on my way. I'm loving Castiel so much, but honestly, the show's really driving me up the wall crazy with its ideas. I've written down a list of things I think are silly and maybe one day I'll make a post about it. Or! Or or or! I could write a really cool fanfiction that would probably come off as really preachy would be awesome and explain why I think something doesn't work. Alas, I have to catch up first.

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